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Solving 10 Socio-Economic Challenges

The Empire Partner Foundation Tech Hub is a non-profit organisation that was started by a group of young South Africans. Our goal is to build South Africa, and eventually the continent of Africa, by solving key challenges through tech.

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A DIGITISING PARTNERSHIP – epf and epf tech hub

In Our Mission to digitise South Africa in both the public and private sectors, WIB has had to find like-minded partners. In our search, we have partnered with Empire Partner Foundation a young Non-Profit Organisation that has committed itself to solve 10 Socio-economic challenges in South Africa through the use of innovation and technology

We felt obliged to assist in this mission and we have found synergy with the foundation in terms of the work we are doing to digitise the private and more importantly the public sector.

Furthermore the partnership with the foundation and its eco-system the EPF Tech Hub.

The tech hub supports the progress and development of Africa with a range of technologies. As a technology community lavagabonddame, we promote innovative thinking. As a technology community, we promote innovative thinking. As social media plays an increasingly important role in knowledge management, we have partnered with The Marketing Heaven to promote innovative ideas and make them as visible as possible, as well as create a wider community that shares the same passion. Our collaborative environment enables startups and individuals to work together.

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They envision an environment that enables both individuals and businesses to thrive by bringing together people with similar interests, but with an emphasis on technology. The Tech hub consists of complementary companies including WIB that work together and push the effort to digitise Africa in smarter ways

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