On A Mission To DIGITISE The Public Sector In South Africa

At WIB Group, we pride ourselves on positioning our footprint at the forefront of digitisation by assisting the Private and Public sectors in addressing system deficiencies by providing advanced cutting-edge solutions for any technological obstacle.

Who We Are


Our mission and vision are to pioneer a sustainable, efficient, and optimal digitised future.

Taking a digital first approach, WIB Group utilises advanced technology and other innovative digital solutions to provide practical and optimal outcomes. With a global presence, WIB Group possesses unique service offerings to address your every need, both remotely and abroad.

Ambitious drive to digitise SADC municipalities

Africa is a growth region in many aspects. We want to start in our region, SADC. Our projects are now taking off and we have countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Malawi on our radar

A never ending commitment to Africa

The Goal To Digitise Africa Requires Like-Minded People

In our efforts to digitise Africa, WIB has partnered with other ICT companies and NPO’s in order to deliver the most impact through our work.

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What We Do


Our mission to digitise Africa has committed us to learning new technologies and skills to provide the easiest process to digitisation with us being second to no one in the industry

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Digital Service

Is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision. Through WIB’s partnered ecosystem, we’re consistently advancing AI capabilities and intergrating these systems into complex daily tasks.

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Digital Service

An ERP is an application that makes use of a central database that receives information from various departments within a company. WIB Group possesses key ERP licenses that facilitate integrated modules dedicated to functions like accounting, inventory management and CRM. An ERP gives companies a single place to store, view, manage and interpret data.

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Digital Service

The application of technologies, processes, and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices, and data from cyber-attacks. At WIB our aim is to significantly reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and offer protection against the unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks, and technologies ensuring digital peace of mind.

WIB Clients

Some of our clients have already taken the first steps to digitisation

Our clients range from public entities in various fields. These fields range from health, transportation, education, defense and so much more

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Digitalisation in the public sector is not the future anymore; it is today and even though it is an ambitious goal, data provides a clear answer and guidance to which direction the public sector should be moving.