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Our Services

Atrificial Intelligence

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Cyberspace & Cyber-Security Operations
Logistics & Predictive Maintenance
Information Operations & “Deep Fakes”
Command & Control
Semi-autonomous and Autonomous Vehiciles
Autonomous Weapon Systems

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ERP Implementations

SAP Implementations for traditional SAP ERP
SAP Analytics and Business Intelligence
SAP Implementations for S4 HANA and other New Dimension Products
SAP Support for both traditional ERP and New Dimension Products
Optimisations and Upgrades
SAP Quality Assurance for Implementations


Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Qualys Cloud Platform
AI value-add to the Qualys platform.
The Cortex AI-driven Cybersecurity solutions.
AI-driven detection, prevention & response to novel, abnormal, sophisticated, AI-assisted & unanticipated attacks.
Unified approach to detection, prevention & response across on-prem, cloud and endpoints visit bahis siteleri.

ERP Implementations Content

SAP End user Training
SAP ROI Measurement and Achievement Strategies
Change Management relevant for SAP ERP Implementations and Support
SAP Resources Augmentation
Java Resources Augmentation (interfaces to SAP)
Custom developed Apps to support process automation for SAP Implementations

Oracle Business Suite

Financial & Assets Management
Customer Service
Customer Relationship Management

Cortex Cyber-Security

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